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Arterial Cleansing - What You Should Know!

Arterial plaque cleansing helps the body both to nourish and to detoxify itself of arterial plaque -- two important conditions necessary for optimal health.

Symptoms of blocked arteries -- such as: 

- Angina. 
- Leg cramps.
- Lack of measurable pulse in the ankles.
- Tingling in the hands.
- Trembling.
- Even gangrene...often disappear within weeks.


If you already have arterial plaque in your arteries, would you be interested in learning how to cleanse arterial plaque from your arteries the safe natural nutrition way without surgery?

Would you be interested in having:

- Stronger bones? 
- Greater clarity of mind?
- Stronger immune system?
- A stronger heart?
- Better hearing and eyesight?
- Sounder sleep?
- Freedom from the threat of sudden heart attack or stroke?
- Freedom from the threat of gangrene or amputation?

There are so many claims made by vitamin manufacturers, it is no wonder people are confused and react with scepticism when they encounter new nutritional supplement claims, especially if those claims speak of major health benefits as our claims do. 

Our scientifically backed claims are that GHS CardioPlus is the only Multi-Vitamin/Mineral formulation that gives you the necessary supplementation you need for optimal health, PLUS, the ADDED BONUS of freeing you of the threat of sudden heart attack or stroke, due to clogged arteries. To read on... click here.

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Q: Why doesn't my doctor know about nutritional arterial cleansing?

A: Nutrition is not taught to any significant extent in medical schools, so graduating doctors may not believe that it is very important. Also, most doctors are so busy with their practices that they have little time to keep up with the tremendous volume of scientific research that is being published every year. Nevertheless, more and more doctors are gradually becoming aware of nutritional arterial cleansing.

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Q: Why doesn't the public know more about GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing?

A: The profit margins on natural GHS CardioPlus nutritional supplement are quite low; therefore, we do not make the massive profits it would take to fund extensive advertising and publicity campaigns. As a result, we need to take a slower approach to educating the public and do so via the Internet, word of mouth, and direct marketing campaigns.

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Q: Are there any drugs in the GHS CardioPlus Arterial Cleansing Formula?

A: All of the ingredients in the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing supplement are natural food factors: vitamins, minerals, amino acids and glandular concentrates -- in a safe and effective balance.

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Q: I take vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants now, do I need to continue taking them?

A: No. Just follow the GHS CardioPlus Nutritional Arterial Cleansing Program and you will be getting all the vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants you need.

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Q: What is the best way to take the GHS CardioPlus tablets?

A: In divided amounts with meals. If you were taking 10 tablets per day, for example, you could take 3 with breakfast, 3 with lunch and 4 with supper -- or -- 5 with breakfast and 5 with supper. It is important that the tablets be in the stomach with food at the same time. In that way the nutrients in the tablets can assist and support the nutrients in the meal, and vice-versa. It makes for better digestion, absorption and assimilation of all of the vital factors. For best results, do not take the tablets on an empty stomach.

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Q: How can I tell if my body is absorbing the nutrients in the GHS CardioPlus tablets?

A: Your urine will turn a bright yellow color. This is because a small percentage of vitamins C and B-2 spill over into the urine. If you take the tablets with meals and you do not get the yellow spill-over, that indicates sluggish digestion -- which can be helped by taking a broad spectrum enzyme supplement (containing betaine hydrochloride, pepsin, pancreatin and bile) at each meal at which the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing supplements are taken.

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Q: Are there any side effects to GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing?

A: Not as such. The ingredients in the GHS CardioPlus formula are natural and safe. About five per cent of people, however, may have temporary cleansing reactions to the supplements. Such reactions may include headaches, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, fatigue or intestinal gas -- lasting only for about five or ten days or so. These signs occur because of beneficial changes in the intestinal flora and the release of debris into the bloodstream. Where they occur, such symptoms are evidence that a cleansing process is taking place and was needed.

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Q: Will the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing process pull away chunks of plaque that could plug up the arteries further downstream?

A: No. That is not the way the process works. The plaque does not come away in "chunks". It is scrubbed away, safely and gradually, with a detergent-like action. There are enough emulsifiers (such as choline and methionine) in the GHS CardioPlus Arterial Cleansing Formula to keep fats in solution so that they do not plug up elsewhere.

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Q: Does GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing work the same way that intravenous chelation does?

A: Technically, no. It accomplishes the same result but by a different method. GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing works by helping to normalize body chemistry so that natural immune processes can remove the plaque in an entirely natural way. One of the main ways that this happens is by the internal production of the enzyme, lipoprotein lipase, which dissolves the fats in the arterial plaque. E.D.T.A. chelation therapy, on the other hand, works by removing calcium and heavy metals from the arterial plaque.

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Q: Will the GHS CardioPlus Arterial Cleansing Formula / Arterial Plaque Formula conflict with any prescription drugs I am taking?

A: If you are on prescribed medication, you need to have it monitored by your doctor. As your body gradually improves on the arterial cleansing program, you will likely need less of your prescribed drugs. Be sure to report your progress to your doctor so that s/he can alter your medication accordingly. There is no known conflict between GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing nutrients and any drug -- with the possible exception of antibiotics, which are best taken 2 hours apart from the nutritional supplements, simply because the antibiotics and the vitamins tend to cancel each other out. Your doctor and your pharmacist are the people best qualified to counsel you about your drugs. The nutrients themselves are safe.

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Q: I decided to take an aspirin every day because I heard that it helps to prevent heart attacks by making the blood thinner. Is it a good idea to continue taking aspirin with the arterial cleansing supplements?

A: Most people do not have blood that is too "thick", but rather have blood cells that tend to clump or stick together. GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing supplements help the blood to become more slippery (not thinner), so that it can flow much more freely. This is a more natural approach than "thinning" the blood, which, if carried too far could cause the blood vessels to leak, leading to hemorrhaging or possible stroke.

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Q: How long will it take to start to feel any results on the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing program?

A: That is a variable. We are all different. Some people start to notice slight improvements within a week or so. Almost everyone finds some initial results with four weeks.

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Q: How long do I need to take the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing supplements for best results?

A: Optimal arterial cleansing usually takes about one month for every ten years of age. In other words, a person aged 40 would probably benefit by taking the Arterial Cleansing Formula at full 10 tablet daily amount for at least 4 months. Since the formula is such a complete food supplement, however, many people prefer to use it as a total maintenance program for the rest of their lives -- some at full amounts, others at half the usual recommended amounts per day.

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Q: I am scheduled for bypass surgery in three weeks time. Should I
call off the surgery and try the GHS CardioPlus arterial cleansing program instead?

A: That is a judgment call that only you can make. Legally, no one except a medical doctor can recommend for or against surgery. It is very unlikely that the GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing would be able to remove significant blockages in only three weeks, so that is a factor that you should consider if the three week time frame is critical. If the surgery could safely be postponed for at least three months or so, that would give you more time to try the nutritional approach. If you do decide to go ahead with the surgery (at any time), continued GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing can better fortify your body to go through the operation, to heal faster, to prevent plaque from recurring at the sites of the surgery, and to remove plaque in areas not accessible to the surgeon.

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Q: Which works better, E.D.T.A. chelation therapy or GHS CardioPlus nutritional arterial cleansing?

A: Both are effective at removing arterial plaque. Some people respond better to one method than the other. Neither is clearly superior to the other. Only the nutritional method, however, can actually prevent the plaque from returning -- by continually supporting the body's own immune processes. Some advocates of intravenous chelation, however, do not have much confidence in the nutritional approach. That may be because they have no experience of it, or perhaps because they have noticed disappointing results from taking inferior nutritional formulas that were incapable of living up to the claims made for them. If you have both the resources and the opportunity, by all means try both approaches and judge for yourself. It is much easier to be objective about an issue if you have lived both sides of it.

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Q: Are all arterial cleansing supplements equally effective?

A: Not by any means. Most may be just expensive vitamin-mineral formulas with no real arterial cleansing action. Others will do only a partial cleansing or will cleanse the arteries but will not prevent new plaque buildup and new blockages. There is a critical balance and synergism in the formulation and in the manufacturing process of GHS CardioPlus that results in chelation of heavy metals and the dissolving of fat buildup in the arteries. GHS CardioPlus also promotes the healing and protection of arterial walls and the prevention of any further plaque buildup in the arteries. Imitators tend to cut comers - something you do not want to do with your health.

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