Unleash The True Power Of Growth Hormone. . .YOURS. . . Not A Synthetic!

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Reward yourself with life changing health benefits received from increased levels of hGH and IGF-1 cruising through your vascular system that will reverse the effects of aging and make you look and feel 10 to 20 years younger.

How would you. . .

. . . like to have more energy throughout the day?
. . . like to improve your skin's texture and tightness?
. . . like to sleep better at night?
. . . like to lose fat without dieting?
. . . like to gain muscle without exercising?
. . . like your libido to increase?
. . . like your digestion to improve?
. . . like your joints to work easily and smoothly?
. . . like to have many more physical and mental benefits
      and a life that was simply healthier, happier, and more
      alive than it has been in years?

Of course you would! Our GHS-Pro™ is the most technically advanced oral, natural, hypothalamus and pituitary GH stimulator available. It will help you achieve all this and more!


It's a scientific fact that your body releases less and less hGH (human growth hormone) as you age. University research has found people as young at 18 to have the onset of aging due to the reduction of hGH released into their systems.

Your own hGH is a necessary hormone that assists in the workings of the many chemical building blocks of your body…especially in the areas of anti-aging…and that's where GHS-Pro™ can help you win the war against aging!

Increase in IGF-1 levels graph with anti-aging oral spray GHS-Pro. Results of GHS-Pro™ clinical tests that ran between 25 to 33 days to show the average increase in anti-aging IGF-1 levels for both men and women ages 30 to 60+.

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On average, from your early 20s on, your body's pituitary gland releases less and less hGH hormone that is so vital to your physical and mental well-being such as:

  • smooth skin minimizing wrinkles,
  • bone density,
  • muscle strength,
  • immune system support,
  • cellular repair,
  • strong fully functioning organs,
  • mental clarity,
  • improved memory,
  • feeling of well being,
  • and much, much more.

hGH Literally Affects Every Cell And Organ In Your Body!

hGH is the only hormone your body produces that directly affects how old you will become while you are aging chronologically

With the ongoing loss of hGH in your body…all of your organs begin to shrink and biological functions slowly deteriorate and make your body grow old.

In thousands of clinical studies an increase in hGH levels slowed and reversed the effects of aging and had shown to accomplish the following:

  • Improve sleep pattern.
  • Increase energy level.
  • Improve mood.
  • Achieve PMS relief.
  • Enhance sexual performance.
  • Lose weight without dieting or exercising.
  • Have higher energy levels.
  • Improve sexual drive and performance.
  • Restore organs to their original size.
  • Increase muscle mass and physical strength without exercising.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Improve cholesterol function, with higher HDL and Lower LDL.
  • Have greater cardiac output.
  • Have superior immune function.
  • Have stronger bones.
  • Have improved kidney function.
  • Eliminate the fatigue and depression of aging.
  • Have younger, tighter, thicker skin.
    Improve mood.
  • Eliminate cellulite.
  • Have re-growth of lost hair.
  • Have enhanced exercise performance.
  • Improve memory.
  • Have enhanced feeling of well-being.
  • Have sharper vision and hearing.
  • Enhanced collagen synthesis and repair.

hGH is also known to reduce the risk of disability and death from heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancer, senility, and arthritis!

With the natural release of your bodies own hGH you can re-gain the look and feel of a person 10 to 20 years younger. There is no other hormone than hGH that can maintain your youth and keep you from growing old while you are adding years to your life!

It's a well known scientific fact that you cannot get growth hormone from food.

Therefore, as you age, your hGH must come from injections, pre-cursors, secretagogues, or target activators. There Is No Other Way!

Soon, taking an hGH supplement will be as common as taking your daily vitamin.

To fully benefit, however, . . .You Need The Right hGH Supplement…. and for maximum anti-aging benefits there is only one choice, NEW Technology HTA-5 oral spray GHS-Pro™.

Why Is HTA-5 (hypothalamus target activator 5) So Significant?

Simply put, the natural path the body takes to deliver hGH to your system is your brain sending a signal to your hypothalamus gland. Your hypothalamus gland, located in your brain, passes on the signal in the form of release hormone to your pituitary gland (the pituitary produces your hGH).

Release hormone triggers the release of the pituitary's hGH in the quantity your hypothalamus gland requested.

It should be noted here that your pituitary gland, also located in your brain, never stops making hGH, it just releases less and less as you age and needs outside help to make it function as it did in your youth.

The perfect stimulator for your body's own hGH is the all natural HTA-5 polypeptide amino acid for two very important reasons:

1. HTA-5 works through the body's own natural pathway releasing your own natural hGH in small bursts to your liver in the manner your liver naturally works. On the other hand, synthetic somatotropin 191 amino acid hGH, whether by injections or by oral spray, bypasses the natural pathway and goes directly to your liver in a single large dose. This is not natural and can lead to possible side effects.

2. HTA-5 is a small molecule, 39 amino acid. This small molecule size allows the body to easily and quickly absorb all of the sprayed HTA-5 including all of the ingredients in GHS-Pro™, thus giving you the full benefits of anti-aging. The threshold of absorption in the mucosa and sub-lingual (mucosa is the lining of your cheeks inside your mouth, sub-lingual is under your tongue) is 60 amino acid far less than that of synthetic 191 amino acid hGH.

Combining The Technologies. . .

HTA-5 is the major portion of GHS-Pro's™ oral spray formulation. To add to the formulations uniqueness, GHS-Pro™ takes advantage of other proven anti-aging technologies by adding a special blend of amino-acid pre-cursors and secretagugues (both are pituitary gland stimulators for hGH) to its formulation. The result is a powerful combination of ingredients that are far more effective than the individual ingredients by themselves. This has resulted in a supplement that is scientifically proven to meet or beat the injectable hGH standard.

Note: The standard set for raising your anti-aging IFG-1 levels (that is the measure of hGH level in your body) has been scientifically established over the past 30 years with hGH injections. A supplement that has the same efficacy as hGH injections is a supplement that will perform at the highest level of anti-aging effectiveness.

The right choice then is to choose a supplement that will meet the standard of expensive hGH injections. That product must be at a price you can afford and can raise your level of IGF-1 to the level of your youth by taking advantage of the body's own natural pathway to release its own natural hGH! Only GHS-Pro™ meets that criteria…and gives you the most anti-aging benefits in the natural release of your own hGH.

Clinical Tests Prove It!
Increase In IGF-1 Levels: Increase In Bone Density:
Increase in IGF-1 levels graph. Increase in bone density graph.
Trial Results:

Trial #2 / HTA-5+amino acid precursors: Fifteen individuals ranging in age from 38 to 70 years of age were given 20ng of HTA-5 in combination with 1200 mg each of the amino acids Lysine and Arginine over a 25-36 day period.

Light colored bars in graph represent men and dark colored bars represent women.

Bone Density Results:

Indeed, the average increase in bone density for subjects taking HTA-5 plus amino acids was 12.6% over a 25-36 day period.

Light colored bars in graph represent men and dark colored bars represent women.

No other product equals its effectiveness.

Customer results prove it! Click Here to read what others have to say!

HTA-5 is to anti-aging as Tiger Woods is to golf!

GHS-Prostands out as unique among anti-aging products.

Its powerful combination of technologies make GHS-Pro™ the product of choice for anti-aging when not taking hGH injections, that's because GHS-Pro™ is a stand alone anti-aging product that makes expensive hGH injections unnecessary!

With the advent of new oral spray GHS-Pro™ a new era in anti-aging therapy has arrived! Click HERE to place your order! Gain a new zest to your life!

Formulated with various Release Factor Amino Acids, DHEA, MSN, Gingo Baloba and various other important ingredients...professional strength GHS-Pro™ is the most powerful and effective anti-aging supplement that is available today. This is the cutting edge!

Hypo allergenic too…contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, corn, soy, sugar, starch, or artificial flavor. 

How much is YOUR LIFE worth? How much is it worth to reduce your risk of disability and death from heart attacks, stroke, diabetes, cancer, senility and arthritis?

hGH supplementation is the only option you have!

Don't let the lack of hGH rob you of the quality of life you so richly deserve! What good is longevity of life if your body gets eaten up by the effects of aging or debilitating diseases?

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Not convinced yet? Then read this:

Over 8,600 physicians and scientists registered with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine call aging a disease caused by disorders of the body's metabolic process

These physicians and scientists say that by repairing the physiology of the old cell, the cell is rejuvenated and results in reversal of aging.

Supported by an impressive collection of basic science and clinical findings, hGH has moved to the forefront of anti-aging therapy due to its ability to repair metabolic functions, promote cellular regeneration, stimulate tissue repair, and support and improve the immune system.

8,600 physicians and scientists from all over the world can't be wrong!

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Precautionary Statement:
» Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use of seal on bottle is broken. Avoid contact with eye.
» Consult your health practitioner prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or when taking any medication. Best if stored at room temperature.
Note: GHS-Pro™ is a dietary supplement and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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