Want White Teeth?


Tooth Whitening System to get the smile you always wanted!

Maybe you need a pick me up, or the fashion magazines have finally gotten to you, or you quit smoking, or you're realizing that you drink too much coffee. Whatever the reason, you've decided that you want white teeth.

Once you've made the decision to whiten your teeth, you have two basic types of teeth whitening systems to choose between. The first type is an at-home tooth whitening system. These systems, like Crest White Strips, use a peroxide mix applied to your teeth over the course of a few days or weeks. The peroxide is held to your teeth either by a tray, similar to a football mouth guard, or by adhesive strips. The peroxide mix usually ranges from 6% to 10% peroxide, depending on the brand.

Those who don't like going to the dentist may prefer this system, since no dentist visit is necessary. It is also cheaper than the alternative tooth whitening system. However, it may take a few weeks to see results, so the at-home systems are not the choice for those who want a whiter smile for an upcoming event.

The other tooth whitening system involves a visit to your dentist for a professional tooth whitening procedure. Unlike the at home whitening system which keeps a weak peroxide solution in contact with your teeth for a long period of time, a professional tooth whitening system will keep a strong peroxide solution in contact with your teeth for a short period of time. In general, an hour long dentist appointment will whiten your teeth the same amount as they would whiten during two weeks of at-home treatment.

Some dentists involve the use of a bleaching light, though this procedure may damage teeth slightly. Professional tooth whitening systems are convenient since they require only a few appointments (sometimes just one) in order to produce visible results. However, they are more expensive than at-home treatments.

Both at-home and professional teeth whitening systems put users at risk of side effects. In fact, an estimated one half of all people using at home whitening systems experience some side effects, usually in the form of sensitive teeth or irritated gums. These come from overexposure to the peroxide, and experienced patients are advised to use less peroxide or switch to a brand with a lower concentration of peroxide in the paste to avoid further irritation.


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