Eliminate Plaque From Your Arteries . . . Avoid Heart Attack, Stroke, Angina, Angioplasty, and Coronary Bypass Surgery . . . “Before and After” Photos Prove It!


Before Arterial Photo:

Before Image

Before: This is an interior photo of a
coronary artery in a 68 year old male
patient prior to the use of the
GHS CardioPlus™ formula.

After Arterial Photo:

After Image

After: Same artery 5 months later after
being on the GHS CardioPlus™ formula.
Note that most of the plaque has been
dissolved to eliminate the threat of heart
attack or stroke plus improving blood flow.

Arterial Cleansing . . . 

That is what GHS CardioPlus™
will do for you.

Dissolve and wash away plaque,
un-block and cleanse your arteries.

It’s a staggering fact . . . heart disease, stroke, and arterial clogging kills more people than any other disease, especially in the U.S!

Arterial clogging (plaque), as shown in top left arterial photo, is the leading cause of heart disease and stroke killing more people than any other disease . . . and the number of people affected is rising every year in spite of our fat free diets and cholesterol drugs!

Can this trend be reversed and eliminated altogether? YES!

Because now there is a better way. . .
GHS CardioPlus

This remarkable natural multi-vitamin & mineral supplement will cleanse the plaque out of your arteries eliminating this major cause of:

  • sudden heart attack or stroke,
  • lingering effects and pain of angina,
  • and can even help diabetics reverse gangrene and avoid amputation!


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Arterial blockages can be safely removed without drugs or surgery by just using nutritional GHS CardioPlus™. True False

Answer: Each of the above statements is True. Find out why in the free booklet “Nutritional Bypass not Surgical Bypass” at the end of this letter.

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Are You Troubled By Any of the Following?

There are many bodily signs that can warn of deteriorating circulation long before the onset of any heart attack or stroke . . . if only we learn to heed subtle warnings

Ask yourself the following questions:

Do your fingers or toes often feel cold? Yes No
Do your arms or legs often "go to sleep"? Yes No
Do you have numbness or heaviness in arms or legs? Yes No
Do you have cramping in your hand when writing
a letter?
Yes No
Do you have a sharp, diagonal crease in your earlobe? Yes No
Do your lips or fingers often have a tingling sensation? Yes No
Do you get aches or pains in your legs when taking
a short walk?
Yes No
Do you have a memory that is not as good as it
used to be?
Yes No
Do your ankles swell late in the day? Yes No
Do you get breathlessness on slight exertion or
when lying down?
Yes No
Do you have a whitish ring under the outer part of the cornea in your eye? Yes No

If you can answer “Yes” to any of the above questions, you may have early warning signs of arterial blockages. As soon as any of the above early warnings appear, you can take corrective action with GHS CardioPlus™ to prevent further arterial deterioration and to reverse deterioration that has already taken place.

Survival Answers:

  • Keep your arteries and veins open.
  • Keep yourself from repeating your family’s heart disease history.
  • Keep yourself from dropping dead.
  • Get yourself all the vitamins and minerals you need at the same time.

The medical profession is working hard to keep heart attack and blocked artery victims alive through angioplasty and drugs, doing nothing about removing the causes of arterial blockage that result in heart attacks, angina, and strokes.

We, on the other hand, scrub your arteries clean with nutrients - not drugs or surgery - so that you don’t get angina, a heart attack or stroke in the first place.

GHS CardioPlus Exceeds International Standards
For Multi-Vitamins/Minerals

This easily absorbable unsurpassed pharmaceutical grade nutritional formula has set new benefit standards in meeting your life’s essential needs:

GHS CardioPlus

  • Strengthens Your Immune System:
    Greatly enhancing the body’s own ability to fight viral, bacterial, and free radical attacks.
  • Nutritional Supplementation:
    Provides your body with the vital nutrients it needs.
  • Unrestricted Blood Flow:
    Enables full delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen throughout your 60,000 mile vascular system to ALL your cells and organs.
  • Powerful Anti-Oxidants:
    Destroys free radicals that are constantly bombarding your body.

Here’s Another Important Life Enhancing Benefit

Naturopathic doctors and nutritionists will tell you that you must detoxify your body first so that healing can take place.

With the unsurpassed nutritional benefits of GHS CardioPlus™ detoxification and healing of your body will take place at the same time!

How Does GHS CardioPlus Make All These Wonders Possible?

It is a little known fact, for example, that when you give your body certain specific nutrients, (found in GHS CardioPlus™), your arterial walls will manufacture an enzyme called “lipoprotein lipase” (LPL). LPL does an amazing thing: It acts as a detergent to scrub away the fats in arterial plaque thereby opening clogged arteries and keeping them open with the continued feeding of these vital specific nutrients that are in GHS CardioPlus™.

Even Better News . . .

LPL is only one protective measure that the unrivaled GHS CardioPlus™ enables your body to use to build and maintain arterial health. There are many other crucial benefits that work wonders for your body and your life. A complete list includes the following:

  • Neutralizing free radicals before they can cause cellular damage.
  • Manufacturing enough T-cells and antibodies to locate and destroy mutated cells before they can damage arteries.
  • Dilating (increasing) the diameter of blood vessels.
  • Improving the flow characteristics of your blood by making it more slippery and less likely to clump up.
  • Opening up collateral blood vessels around obstructions, creating new pathways for blood to reach vital tissues.
  • Dissolving blood clots.
  • Normalizing blood pressure.
  • Chelating (removing) heavy metals from arterial walls.
  • Protecting vital tissues from oxidative damage.
  • Normalizing blood cholesterol.
  • Enhancing your body’s own ability to improve your immune system to maintain optimal health by providing your body with the nutritional supplementation it needs to do that job.

Over 150,000 Very Healthy People Are Already Enjoying
These Incredible Benefits . . . Why Not You?

Other Vitamins and Minerals

Are you asking yourself why other vitamins, minerals, and oral chelation won’t give you the same benefits as GHS CardioPlus?

Here’s Why . . .

Over a period of 15 years, the GHS CardioPlus™ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Nutritional Arterial Cleansing Formula was refined until the formula for the right amounts, the right combinations, and the right processes was found to synergistically combine over 30 natural nutritional ingredients of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, glandular concentrates and lipotropic factors, (no herbs or hormones), that makes this remarkable GHS CardioPlus™ work so effectively.

What’s In This Special GHS CardioPlus Formula?

It takes all the ingredients, in the right amounts, processed together at the same time, to make GHS CardioPlus™ work. Each tablet contains all of the following ingredients, in the amounts listed. They are manufactured under pharmaceutical conditions in a reactive proprietary process that makes the special nutritional supplementation and arterial cleansing work.

Supplement Facts:  Serving Size 1 Tablet • Servings Per Container 300
Amount Per Tablet % Daily Value   
Vitamin A
(as Vitamin A Palmitate)
3333 IU 67%
Vitamin C
(Asorbic Acid)  
400 mg 667%
Vitamin D-3   67 IU 17%
Vitamin E
(as d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate)
69 IU 200%
(Vitamin B-1  as Thiam- nime Hydrochloride)
18 mg 1200% 
(Vitamin B-2)  
3 mg 176%
Niacin / Niacinamide  9 mg  45%
Vitamin B-6
(as Pyridoxine Hydro- chloride)
15 mg 750%
Folic Acid   60 mg 15%
Vitamin B-12
(as Cobalamin) 
16 mcg 267%
Biotin  5 mcg 2%
Pantothenic Acid
(as d-Calcium Panto- thenate)
33 mg  330%
(from Calcium Carbo- nate)
42 mg  4%
(from Potassium Iodide)
30 mcg 20%
(from Magnesium Oxide)
42 mg 11%
(from Zinc Gluconate)  
2.5 mg 17%
Amount Per Tablet % Daily Value   
(from Selenium Protei- nate)
20 mcg 29%
(from Manganese Gluconate)
0.8 mg  40%
(from Chromioum Protei- nate)
13 mcg 1%
(from Potassium Chloride)
42 mg 1%
(from Choline Bitartrate)
66 mg *
Inositol 4 mg *
DL-Methionine 16 mg *
(from 13 mg Betaine Hydrochoride)
10 mg *
Lemon Bioflavonoids 10 mg *
66 mg *
Thymus Concentrate 6 mg *
Spleen Concentrate 6 mg *
Adrenal Concentrate 4 mg *

* Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients: cellulose, vegetable stearate, silica and dicalcium phosphate.

For those of you who say, “I am taking almost the same vitamins”, beware.

If you are missing one ingredient, or are not taking the same amounts of all the required ingredients, or the ingredients are not all processed together at the same time, you will have lots of weak links, and what you are taking . . . won’t work!

Number One In Nutritional Life Enhancing Benefits

This is the only unrivaled masterful nutritional formulation that will enhance your body’s own natural ability to improve your immune system, chelate and dissolve the plaque from your arteries, repair arterial wall damage, greatly improve your blood flow and increase the delivery of life giving nutrients and oxygen to all your cells and organs.

Still Skeptical?

There are so many claims being made by vitamin manufacturers, it’s no wonder most people are confused and react with skepticism when they encounter a nutritional product that makes electrifying and astonishing claims for benefits such as are claimed by GHS CardioPlus™.

Skepticism Be Gone . . . Review The Astonishing Proof!

Review again the photos below that demonstrate the undisputed truth of our claim.

We have given you actual photos that demonstrate how incredibly successful GHS CardioPlus™ has been in the removal of life threatening plaque. No other vitamin manufacturer can make that claim or supply you with this proof!

Photos taken inside the artery with a fiber optic camera. Black areas are plaque that is restricting the passage of blood.

Before Arterial Photo: After Arterial Photo:
Before Image After Image
Before: This is an interior photo of a coronary artery in a 68 year old male patient prior to the use of the GHS CardioPlus™ formula. After: Same artery 5 months later after being on the GHS CardioPlus™ formula. Note that most of the plaque has been dissolved to eliminate the threat of heart attack or stroke plus improving blood flow.

"Before" and "After" tests reveal removal of arterial blockages
within a few short months of starting the program.

Please Note: The black areas in the photos are plaque buildup blocking blood flow.
The sharp white areas are light reflection from the camera’s light.

Just Remember:

As reported by the American Heart Association in May of 2001 there are over 1,200,000 new and recurrent heart attack victims each year.

Over 40% die and nearly 60% of the fatalities are women! There are 600,000 stroke victims of which 61.4% of the stroke deaths are women.

There are 926,000 angioplasties and 553,000 bypass surgeries performed and the average surgery can exceed $30,000 . . . or more!


The numbers are growing every year despite low fat diets, blood thinning and cholesterol drugs.

Are You’re the Kind That Needs A Great Deal of Information?

Well . . . have we got a book for you:

Our book is all about clogged arteries, cholesterol, blood flow, nutrients, fats and oils, questions and answers, testimonials, loads of references and lots more. You can get this simple and easy to read e-book called “Nutritional Bypass Not Surgical Bypass” and it's FREE - Click Here!.

Don’t Become A Statistic!

All of these types of medical problems can be avoided by taking GHS CardioPlus™ with its right combination of nutrients and the power to cleanse your arteries nutritionally. 

Join The GHS CardioPlus Health Army And Win The War

Our bodies are constantly being bombarded with free radicals that stress our immune system beyond its capability to fight those free radicals.

The free radical attack results in artery clogging plaque build-up as well as other major and minor diseases that can be avoided.

You Do Have A Choice 

You can continue on the path you are on now, or provide your body with GHS CardioPlus™ and the kind of immune and nutritional support you need to eliminate the risk of vascular and other diseases resulting from clogged arteries.

Good Health Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

A full month’s supply is only $49!

At the end of 6 months your arteries are cleansed and the maintenance program kicks in and you can cut your consumption in half, reducing your monthly cost to only $24.50.

Where else can you buy that much health and life protection for only $24.50 per month?

Remember . . . with this revolutionary product there is no need to take any additional vitamins or minerals . . . truly!

Don’t Gamble With Your Health . . .
GHS CardioPlus Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
Nutritional Arterial Cleansing Formula . . . 
For Those Who Insist On The Best!

Here’s More Proof Positive!

Testimonials acknowledging the benefits of plaque removal and nutritional supplementation:

Amputation No Longer Required

“I was having considerable difficulty with the circulation in my legs. This was following the advice from St. Michael’s Hospital that further by-pass operations were impossible. Amputation of my right leg was recommended. A leeway of six months was given.

“A friend was good enough to take some time to talk and offer some advice on the arterial cleansing formula and diet. Now, nearly seven years later, I can walk reasonable distances — not fast, but fairly well. I can take in executive length golf courses, etc. This is after terrible discomfort (in the past) with a city block’s distance. One story of stairs used to be a real effort. In short, I am able to handle most mobile requirements.

“I took 10 tablets of the arterial cleansing formula per day for the first four years, and now I take 5 per day. I believe they are the major reason I am mobile and with a chance at enjoying life.”

L. R. C, Richmond Hill, ON

Chest and Arms Better

“I have been using nutritional arterial cleansing for two years. I do know I am much improved, and in the past I’d had three heart attacks -one followed by a triple bypass, which took a long recovery time of nearly six months in hospital. After the first four months of arterial cleansing I did not have any (or I’ll say, much less) disturbances in the chest and arms.”

C G., Aldergrove, BC

My Energy Level and Alertness Have Been Positively Enhanced

“I have been using GHS CardioPlus™ Natural Dietary Supplement for several months now and I am extremely impressed with this health product. I have tried many other products over the years and I find GHS CardioPlus™ to be superior to all others. My energy level and alertness have been positively enhanced, I sleep better and deeper, and feel confident that my physical and mental health have been improved and will continue to do so. I intend to happily continue using GHS CardioPlus™ indefinitely.”

John M. Soderberg, Ph.D., AZ

No More Angina

"My angina pectoris, due to hardening of the arteries, is apparently now a thing of the past, thank goodness, due to the effective application of arterial cleansing. The pains have stopped and my breathing is back to normal. The lethargy of which I had been complaining for some years has now disappeared and I am feeling physically better than I have for many years."

R. T, Toronto, ON

Cholesterol Normal

"A lady supervisor at the bank where I worked kept blacking out frequently. Apparently her cholesterol level was dangerously high. I suggested the arterial cleansing formula to her. After taking only one bottle she went back to have her cholesterol checked again. We were both working late one night when she called her doctor for the results. SHE WAS NORMAL."

J. R., Brighton, ON

Running Up Stairs

"I have read about Vascular Cleansing and am astounded by the information. My father had angina and an angiogram that demonstrated extensive coronary stenosis. After taking the arterial cleansing formula he is now pain free and running up and down stairs. I am a pharmacist and when I saw that the formula was only a bunch of vitamins I was extremely skeptical. Now I have done a 180° turn and am totally convinced that there is something to the preparation that actually works."

R C, Edmonton, AB

Start Using GHS CardioPlus NOW!

Don’t gamble with your health and life!

Everyone has some level of plaque in their arteries.

Ignore that and you’re betting your life!

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Still need more information?

Read the answers to the GHS CardioPlus™ most frequently asked questions then put yourself on the road to a life of invigorating health with plaque free, dilated arteries supporting full and free blood flow throughout your entire vascular system. 

Enjoy the nutritional benefits that will enhance your mental clarity, increase your level of energy, vitality, and so many other beneficial enhancements to your body.

Begin walking with a new bounce to your step while leaving the fear of sudden heart attack or stroke behind you.

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Our best wishes for your good health,
Your Staff at Good Health Supplements.

P.S. It takes only one minute to change your life forever…the minute you get a heart attack or stroke!

P.P.S. Why do most people take better care of their cars then they do their bodies?

Protect your health and you’ll protect your life.
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